Which Tools Are Indispensable for Tracking the Impact of Earned Media?

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    Which Tools Are Indispensable for Tracking the Impact of Earned Media?

    In the quest to measure the impact of earned media, we asked professionals, including a Marketing Manager and a Founder, to reveal their go-to tools. While HubSpot emerges as a key player for tracking lead engagement, we highlight additional tools that provide a spectrum of resources for assessing every facet of earned media impact.

    • HubSpot Tracks Lead Engagement
    • Google Search Console for SEO Insights
    • Google Analytics Measures User Engagement
    • Hootsuite Monitors Social Media Mentions
    • Meltwater for Real-Time Media Intelligence
    • Semrush Analyzes Organic Search Performance
    • Brandwatch Assesses Brand Sentiment
    • BuzzSumo Gauges Content Reach

    HubSpot Tracks Lead Engagement

    To track the path of leads who engage with our earned media content, we use HubSpot. We set up tracking for all our media-buying channels, including social media ads, PPC campaigns, and direct buys. Each channel is tagged with unique tracking parameters that integrate seamlessly into our CRM system. When a lead enters our funnel through any of these channels, HubSpot records the source along with other engagement metrics and follows the lead through the sales pipeline.

    As the lead progresses through different stages of the customer journey, from initial contact to closing the deal, HubSpot continues to collect data on how the lead interacts with our marketing efforts. This allows us to attribute revenue not just to the first point of contact but to various touchpoints that influenced the decision-making process. By the time a deal is closed, we have a comprehensive view of the path that that lead took, which channels they interacted with, and how much revenue each channel ultimately generated.

    This detailed tracking and analysis help us optimize our media-buying strategies. We can identify high-performing channels and allocate more resources to them, while reevaluating or discontinuing underperforming ones. Overall, HubSpot's capabilities provide us with the insights needed to continually refine our marketing approach and ensure we are investing our budget in the most effective channels.

    Blake Smith
    Blake SmithMarketing Manager, ClockOn Australia

    Google Search Console for SEO Insights

    I'd say that Google Search Console is one of the most valuable tools for tracking earned media. It lists many of the relevant links that Google has found, and that includes links that other SEO tools report as nofollow links. These links may still be helping your site because Google ultimately decides whether to count a link as nofollow or dofollow.

    Eric Novinson
    Eric NovinsonFounder, This Is Accounting Automation

    Google Analytics Measures User Engagement

    As a real estate sales representative and division manager, staying on top of the impact of our earned media efforts is absolutely crucial. One tool that I find indispensable for this task is Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides us with detailed insights into website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates.

    By tracking metrics such as referral traffic from PR placements or social media shares, we can directly tie our earned media efforts to website engagement and, ultimately, sales. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy for our team to analyze data and make informed decisions about our marketing strategies. It's like having a crystal ball into the effectiveness of our earned media campaigns.

    Samantha Odo
    Samantha OdoReal Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager, Precondo

    Hootsuite Monitors Social Media Mentions

    Hootsuite serves as a powerful platform for monitoring the pulse of online conversations about a brand. It tracks mentions on various social media channels, helping to gauge public interest and engagement levels. Trending topics can be identified, allowing marketers to see how their content is resonating with audiences.

    This information is pivotal for adjusting social media strategies and campaigns in a timely manner. Consider trying Hootsuite to stay updated on your social media impact.

    Meltwater for Real-Time Media Intelligence

    Meltwater specializes in media intelligence by offering a real-time view of media coverage across multiple platforms. It helps organizations understand the reach of their press releases and other earned media. With its analytics, companies can quickly detect changes in media coverage volume and sentiment, and adapt their communications strategy accordingly.

    This ensures that their messaging aligns with the public perception and media landscape. Look into Meltwater to make informed decisions based on your media monitoring needs.

    Semrush Analyzes Organic Search Performance

    Semrush provides insights into how content is performing in organic search, which is crucial for understanding earned media impact. By analyzing search rankings and tracking traffic sources, it helps in identifying successful content and areas that might require optimization. This can lead to improved search engine visibility and a better understanding of audience needs.

    Semrush tools can be integral in refining SEO strategies to improve organic reach. Explore the features of Semrush to enhance your search engine presence.

    Brandwatch Assesses Brand Sentiment

    Brandwatch offers in-depth analysis of brand sentiment, making it indispensable for comprehending public feeling towards a company or product. It delves into online conversations and analyzes the tone, allowing for a better understanding of brand perception. This kind of insight can shape marketing efforts and product development, ensuring they are in tune with customer attitudes.

    Hence, companies can proactively manage their brand's reputation. Take advantage of Brandwatch to gain deep insights into brand sentiment.

    BuzzSumo Gauges Content Reach

    BuzzSumo allows users to measure the performance of content across various social platforms. It identifies how content is being shared and discussed, giving a clear picture of its reach and engagement. This data can inform content creation and distribution, by highlighting what resonates with audiences and potentially even predicting future trends.

    Understanding this social sharing landscape is essential for content strategists wanting to maximize the impact of their work. Utilize BuzzSumo to optimize your content strategy based on actual performance data.