What Are Successful Tactics for Fostering Media Relationships Without in-Person Events?

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    What Are Successful Tactics for Fostering Media Relationships Without in-Person Events?

    In the digital age, forging strong media relationships can be a challenge without the traditional face-to-face events. We've gathered insights from top professionals, including Marketing and Communications Managers and CEOs, on their successful strategies. From connecting authentically on LinkedIn to engaging through social media campaigns, discover the four effective tactics they've shared.

    • Connect Authentically on LinkedIn
    • Be Responsive and Appreciative
    • Personalize Your Outreach Efforts
    • Engage Through Social Media Campaigns

    Connect Authentically on LinkedIn

    I've found authentically connecting with members of the media, and even other marketing and communications professionals on LinkedIn, to be so helpful! Oftentimes, if I don't know a certain member of the media, a fellow professional might be connected with them and willing to make an introduction for me. Being kind, helpful, and authentic is so helpful in this industry! The perspective of community over competition is paramount to thrive and succeed in marketing and communications.

    Madison Gosselin
    Madison GosselinMarketing and Communications Manager, DGM Racing

    Be Responsive and Appreciative

    Be responsive to them either via phone, text, or email. It is okay to tell the person reaching out to you that you do not have an answer but will start working on it immediately. Reporters are on a deadline, and when you respond to them in a timely manner, it makes their jobs easier. When you make their jobs easier, you will have better chances of fostering positive relationships and working with them to promote all the great things your organization does. Appreciate what the media can do for your organization and help them meet their deadlines for beneficial results.

    Lisa McDonaldCommunications Manager, City of Oviedo

    Personalize Your Outreach Efforts

    Personalized Outreach

    One successful tactic I've used is personalized outreach via email or social media. Instead of generic pitches, I customize my messages to each journalist's interests and beat, demonstrating that I've done my homework. Offering exclusive stories, data, or insights relevant to their audience helps grab their attention.

    I also engage with their content by commenting on articles or sharing their work, building rapport organically. Following up consistently but respectfully, and being responsive to their inquiries, further solidifies the relationship. By investing time and effort in genuine connections, even in a virtual space, I've been able to cultivate strong media relationships that lead to valuable coverage and partnerships.

    Perry Zheng
    Perry ZhengFounder and CEO, Pallas

    Engage Through Social Media Campaigns

    Social media allows us to run media relationship campaigns, engaging directly with journalists and influencers. At Dental SEO Expert, we carefully curated a list of key media personnel in the dental health sector and began interacting with their content. By commenting meaningfully on their articles and sharing their work with thoughtful insights, we slowly built a rapport that led to more direct interactions.

    We also utilized LinkedIn to establish professional connections by sharing industry insights and participating in relevant discussions. This increased our visibility among media professionals. Through consistent engagement, we were able to secure several features in dental health publications without any physical networking events.

    This approach taught us the value of digital platforms in building meaningful professional relationships. By respecting the journalists' and influencers' work and contributing to conversations with genuine insights, we were able to break through the traditional barriers of PR and media engagement.

    Ihor Lavrenenko
    Ihor LavrenenkoCEO, Dental SEO Expert