What Are Examples of Successful Campaigns that Increased Earned Media Coverage?

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    Can you describe a successful campaign you managed that significantly increased earned media coverage for your brand?

    In the quest to amplify their brand's voice through earned media, we've gathered insights from seasoned marketing managers and founders. From initiating influencer partnerships that boost brand buzz to creating a toolkit that drives organic sharing, discover five transformative campaigns that have made a significant impact.

    • Influencer Partnerships Boosting Brand Buzz
    • SEO Strategy Skyrocketing Organic Traffic
    • Integrating Earned Media with Digital Campaigns
    • Laid Off Toolkit Driving Organic Sharing

    Influencer Partnerships Boosting Brand Buzz

    Social Media Friends Make Brand the Talk of the Town! A brand boosts its media coverage by teaming up with social media influencers. Instead of directly promoting the company, influencers naturally include the product in their posts. People share these posts and create a buzz on social media.

    New people see this and start talking about the company's products without being asked. This strategy works because it allows the social media stars to talk about the product in a way that feels real. It's like a friend telling others about something cool, not just an ad.

    Faizan Khan
    Faizan KhanPublic Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

    SEO Strategy Skyrocketing Organic Traffic

    One successful campaign I managed was for a client in the property management sector. We employed a robust SEO and content marketing strategy, after which we saw organic traffic grow by a staggering 623% from May 2021 to August 2022.

    Our first-page keyword rankings also increased significantly, from 301 to 1,961, marking a 551% increase during the same period. This led to significantly more earned media attention for the brand, vastly increasing their online visibility.

    John Reinesch
    John ReineschFounder, Asset Growth Agency

    Integrating Earned Media with Digital Campaigns

    Over a decade ago, I initiated the incorporation of earned media into our marketing strategy, recognizing its enduring impact even as digital marketing gained prominence over traditional methods.

    Despite the prevailing shift, it remains astonishing that some individuals underestimate the power of public relations (PR). By seamlessly integrating earned media with digital campaigns and supplementing it with metrics, we witnessed remarkable success, achieving over a 200% increase in reach across social media and website metrics.

    This demonstrated the enduring relevance of PR in amplifying brand visibility and engagement in an evolving marketing landscape.

    Lori JeromeMarketing Manager, PABCO Roofing Products

    Laid Off Toolkit Driving Organic Sharing

    As the Head of Growth and Product Marketing at Roadmap, I launched an organic campaign aimed at addressing the immediate needs of our target audience—unemployed or job-seeking tech professionals—during a period of significant tech layoffs.

    Recognizing the opportunity to provide value during this challenging time, we created the “Laid Off Toolkit” and launched it on Product Hunt. This toolkit was a meticulously curated collection of resources, tools, and external links designed to assist individuals affected by layoffs, while introducing folks to our brand and offers.

    It resulted in substantial organic sharing across multiple platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, newsletters, and communities. This led to a substantial bump in website traffic, and it became our most successful top-of-funnel customer acquisition tool that performed well for over a year.

    Emily Giddings
    Emily GiddingsMarketing Manager