How is Data Leveraged to Inform Content Creation in Public Relations?

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    How is Data Leveraged to Inform Content Creation in Public Relations?

    In the quest to perfect content creation, we've gathered insights from a Content Specialist and a Chief Marketing Officer, among others, to share how data drives their strategies. From customizing content with audience data to guiding creation with customer data, discover the five unique ways these professionals harness information for content excellence.

    • Customize Content with Audience Data
    • Pivot Strategy Based on Engagement Data
    • Balance Data with Creative Content
    • Increase Engagement with Video Analytics
    • Guide Content Creation with Customer Data

    Customize Content with Audience Data

    The cornerstone of content creation lies in data, with the examination of audience data serving to gain deeper insights into demographics, preferences, and behaviors. Utilizing this information enables the customization of content to align with the specific interests of the target audience, ultimately leading to increased engagement. It can be as simple as determining which day to post GBP on during the week based on audience preferences.

    Content is also optimized for search engines through data-driven keyword research. Ongoing monitoring of performance metrics, including click-through rates, views, and social shares, allows for the evaluation of past content success. By examining patterns and trends within this data, creators can refine their strategies and develop more pertinent and impactful content in the future.

    Romila SankarContent Specialist, Qode Media

    Pivot Strategy Based on Engagement Data

    During the pandemic, we noticed a consistent dip in our blog engagement. We decided to delve into our analytics to understand the cause. The data revealed that our audience's interest naturally shifted towards more indoor activities and home-based travel experiences during this time.

    Armed with this insight, we pivoted our content strategy to align with our readers' interests. We started creating posts on 'DIY Travel-Themed Home Decor', 'Ways to Stay Active at Home', and 'Virtual Tours of Famous Destinations'.

    The result was striking. Our blog engagement not only recovered but also surpassed our usual metrics during that period. This experience reiterated the power of data in shaping content that resonates with the audience's evolving needs and interests. So, always remember to let data be your compass in the content creation journey. It can lead you to paths of greater engagement and success.

    Swena Kalra
    Swena KalraChief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

    Balance Data with Creative Content

    Data can be a powerful tool for informing your content creation process. It helps create content that relates to the audience and achieves set goals. We tailored our content to customers' needs and preferences using website analysis, social media insights, and surveys. We improved content performance by tracking engagement metrics, experimenting with A/B testing, and optimizing SEO. We did not just rely on data; we balanced it with creativity, brand voice, and expertise.

    We noticed a decline in engagements on our blog posts through the social media management platform in the middle of this year. We turned to data analytics to understand the reason. After analyzing, we discovered that the audience preferred shorter, more visual content. We pivoted our content strategy and created more infographics, videos, and shorter blog posts. Within a few months, engagement rates increased significantly. Our website traffic also grew, leading to more leads and conversions.

    Fahad Khan
    Fahad KhanDigital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

    Increase Engagement with Video Analytics

    We perform monthly analytics reporting for our clients to better understand which content is working in their strategy. Video content is a particular area we've gathered data on and have produced future content accordingly. One of our realtor clients recently increased the video content she shared on her page weekly. This increase in content ultimately led to a rise in her analytics across the board. Her engagement, impressions, and page views dramatically increased from the previous month. As a result, we were able to analyze further which pieces of video content performed best and find ways to mimic those same types of content in future strategies. Once you understand what types of content your audience will best respond to, it's easy to continue to work those posts into your strategy and watch your numbers increase even more!

    Chelsea Evans-Flower
    Chelsea Evans-FlowerOwner, Scott Social

    Guide Content Creation with Customer Data

    At First Pier, we're big believers in using data to guide our content creation. One method we use is analyzing customer search behavior to understand what our customers are actually interested in. For instance, if there's a high search volume for "bamboo toothbrushes," we know that there's demand and interest in eco-friendly oral care products. We then incorporate those keywords naturally into our content, ensuring it stays relevant and engaging for our audience.

    Another impactful approach has been leveraging Shopify’s robust analytics tools. By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, dwell time, and more, we can get a pretty clear picture of what content strategies are working and which ones aren't. This way, we make sure every piece of content is effective and resonates with our audience.

    A concrete case was with our "Shot on iPhone" campaign. By tapping into user-generated content, we were not only able to showcase our product features effectively, but also foster a sense of community and authenticity around our brand. The campaign was a hit, receiving millions of online views on organic social media. Overall, by basing our strategies on data, we ensure our content is always on point and efficient.

    Steve Pogson
    Steve PogsonFounder, First Pier