How Do You Balance Brand Consistency With Creating Viral Content?

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    How Do You Balance Brand Consistency With Creating Viral Content?

    In the quest to strike a perfect balance between maintaining brand consistency and crafting viral content, a Founder & CEO reveals the importance of compelling storytelling. Alongside expert opinions, we've gathered additional insights on aligning virality with brand values. From the strategic use of data analytics to real-time strategy pivots, discover a spectrum of ways to navigate this modern marketing challenge.

    • Tell a Compelling Story
    • Put Your Brand Ethos First
    • Align Innovation with Core Values
    • Use Data Analytics as a Compass
    • Incorporate Audience Feedback
    • Collaborate with Resonant Influencers
    • Pivot Strategies for Real-Time Relevance

    Tell a Compelling Story

    Every brand has its own story to tell. Committing to tell it in the most compelling or impactful way, while leaning on brand values, creates brand identity, brand integrity, and brand loyalty. For example, Nike's 'You Can't Stop Us' campaign taps into the universal emotions of athletes in action. The campaign highlights the values of the brand-customer relationship and what Nike does best... selling stories, not just shoes.

    Briana Evans
    Briana EvansFounder, CEO, B Media Direct

    Put Your Brand Ethos First

    Maintaining brand consistency while also striving to create relevant, desirable content is a delicate balance. In a digital world where virality happens at a literal moment's notice and the social landscape is constantly changing, it can be easy to get caught up in trying to catch the next best thing. Keep your brand's personality and ethos in mind first and foremost, and then use that to shape the way you approach creating content for trends. Utilizing user-generated content and partnering with creators who are experienced at producing the kind of authentic content you'd like to share more of is a great way to continue the momentum. By putting your brand's special touch on shareable content, you're able to achieve more than one goal: the desire to remain relevant and encourage virality while simultaneously building a recognizable social presence.

    Brittany Johnson
    Brittany JohnsonDirector of Brand & Content Marketing, Mayvenn

    Align Innovation with Core Values

    Public relations managers aim to craft content that strikes a chord with the intended audience while staying true to the company's established identity. To do this, they align the elements of virality, such as humor, surprise, or emotion, with the company's core values and message. This ensures that even when content becomes widely shared, it reinforces what the brand stands for, rather than diluting its message.

    The careful balance between innovation and consistency is crucial for long-term brand recognition. Consider how your brand can marry its core values with innovative content to capture your audience's attention.

    Use Data Analytics as a Compass

    In the realm of public relations, data analytics serve as a compass to guide the creation of content that resonates with the target audience. By analyzing trends, preferences, and behaviors, PR managers can fine-tune their strategies to develop content that not only has the potential to go viral but also appeals to the interests and needs of consumers. This data-driven approach enables the creation of content that feels personal and relevant to viewers, increasing the likelihood of it being shared widely.

    Staying attuned to data insights helps maintain brand relevance in an ever-changing digital landscape. Make informed decisions based on data to ensure your content makes waves for all the right reasons.

    Incorporate Audience Feedback

    Adaptability is key when balancing brand consistency with creating viral content. By listening to and incorporating audience feedback, public relations managers can refine their campaigns to better meet the expectations and desires of their consumers. This ongoing loop of feedback and adaptation helps to create a dynamic and responsive brand image that remains cohesive over time.

    The ability to evolve without losing sight of the brand's essence is a hallmark of successful PR strategy. Engage with your audience and let their responses shape your next viral success.

    Collaborate with Resonant Influencers

    Leveraging influencers is a strategic way for PR managers to create authentic connections between the brand and its audience. By partnering with personalities that reflect the brand's values, these managers can produce content that is not only likely to become viral but also reinforces the brand's image. Influencers act as credible, relatable figures who can carry the brand's message to a wider audience in an organic way.

    When done correctly, influencer collaborations can enhance a brand's identity and reach. Collaborate with influencers who resonate with your brand and watch your message spread with integrity.

    Pivot Strategies for Real-Time Relevance

    Agility in public relations means being able to pivot content strategies swiftly in response to real-time developments. By continuously monitoring social media and other digital platforms, PR managers can quickly adapt their content to capitalize on emerging trends or steer away from potential issues. This real-time responsiveness is critical for maintaining relevance and engagement in the fast-paced digital space while ensuring brand consistency.

    Quick, strategic adjustments can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a viral hit. Be alert to the digital pulse and ready to adjust your content for maximum impact.